La Baule, the most beautiful european beach and its seafront. This prestigious seaside resort with its charming characteristic villas offers endless opportunities to relax in pleasant surroundings all year round. La Baule and its sporting events, the main street, the 'Parc des Dryades', Saint Anne's chapel known for its many exhibitions and the Escoublac forest.

The 'Marais Salants' (salt marshes) also called the "White country', offer a huge living puzzle where the "Paludier" has his place as one of the indispensable elements in this fragile ecosystem. Classed as National Site in February 1996, famous worldwide, the high qualioty salt harvested from the Guérande peninsula is the result of the Paludier's labour and his respect towards his lands. It is the image of mankind who, with intelligence, patience and gentleness, created it. The tides, the sun and the wind set the rhythm of the Paludiers and Paludières' work.

East of the salt marshes of Guérande, the vast marshland of La Brière is an amazing natural park, unique and entirely preserved. These 99 000 sq. acres of ecological landscape are host to a number of protected animal species. They represent a refuge for migrating birds. The Grande Brière marshes can be discovered on foot, on bike or on horseback, but ideally by 'chalands', the locally built rowing boats.
Half of the 36 600 sq. acres of the Grande Brière Mottière belongs to the National Parks and the other half to private owners near Donges.

Discover the sumptuous 1900's villas of the seaside town of Pornichet while taking a walk from its station to the old town. Most enjoyable are the parks such as le Bois Joli (Bois Joli round about) and the town hall gardens.
The coastal path will take you to the Château des Tourelles and the Pointe du Bec with its panoramic view of the port and the bay.
For your yacht, two ports are available : the Port d'échouage and the Marina.

The life of the marina of the fishing village of Le Croisic depends on the tides. The pier and the lighthouse of Tréhic along with the seawall of Pen Bron protect both the port and the salt marshes. The Mont-Lénigo and the Mont-Esprit sit on the port limits. Inside this ancient pirate city, you will rediscover the ancient times of Le Croisic. A hoard of unexpected treasures will strike those who take time to look for them.