'La Guérandière' consists of one four person appartment and five bedrooms, each with its own personal colour scheme.

'La Chambre Rouge' and its charming Brittany 'Lit Clos' converted into a wardrobe, the immaculate 'Chambre Blanche' and its mosquito net, baptised 'The Nuptial Suite' and its magnificent view of the Collegiate church.......

Charming details everywhere; Gothic alcove, mural toile de Jouy, linen sheeting and many other treasures.........

All our rooms are en suite and have separate toilets.

The detailed decoration of these charming rooms will allow you to experience the atmosphere of life in the grand family homes of the nineteenth century.

The furnishings have been lovingly gathered from both local antique dealers and family attics, the fabrics carefully chosen to match the house's character, the linen and their embroideries....... all in harmony with past traditions.

Chambre Grise
Chambre Blanche
Chambre rose